Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Looking for a unique way to experience the Bow Valley and get some exercise while your at it? Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing activities in North America, seeing thousands of new paddlers every year. Although originally an ocean based activity, it has evolved into something beginners to experts can do on almost any body of water. From ponds and lakes to rivers and rapids there's something for everyone.

These tours are done in small groups to ensure that everyone gets a good experience. No experience necessary! The guide will adjust the experience to the group of the day and may include a lesson. 

From lakes and rivers to creeks and ponds, we will customize  your tour to best suit your skill level. Perfect for the whole family!

The Details

Cost: Guide $175.00 + $30.00 per person


Length: 2 Hours (Give or Take)

Age: 5 years and Up. (Call for exceptions)

Maximum 5 per group.

  • Guide

  • Equipment

  • Shuttle

  • Board

  • Paddle

  • Leash

  • Booties

  • Wetsuit (in cooler weather)

How to Book

Please call the office to book this tour. Because of our flexibility we can arange this tour to depart at a variety of times. 

If groups are more advanced we can accomodate a guided river experience as well!

Doesn't Include:

  • Personal Clothing

  • Sun Protection (Hat, Long Sleeve Shirt, etc.)

  • Sun Screen

  • Water Bottle (with water in it:)

  • Dry bag (can be rented)

  • Camera/Phone (at users risk)

  • Snack/food


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